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What is Teff?

The future of food


Eragrostis tef is a tiny grain native to Ethiopia and goes by a simpler name: Teff. Teff holds important cultural and economic significance and is the main ingredient in the Ethiopian staple "injera," a spongy flatbread eaten with different stewed meat and vegetables. Teff is gluten-free, high in iron and an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates.  Due to its attractive health properties, teff has been heralded the next "superfood" by western media outlets that have created a buzz around gluten-free recipes centered around the grain--which is believed to have been originally domesticated in Ethiopia around 4000-1000 BCE.

The grain is a great source of all 8 essential amino acids, fiber, and tons of important minerals, like iron and calcium. Teff is grown almost exclusively in Ethiopia and has been a staple in Ethiopian cuisine for centuries. 





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