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teffBAR (Pre-Order)

teffBAR (Pre-Order)

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Teff Bar™ is our first plant-based and gluten-free snack powered by TEFF -- a tiny supergrain native to Ethiopia.

berberé spice: Our Honey Bunny, she's spice and everything nice. Notes of ginger and berbere, a traditional Ethiopian spice blend. 
ingredients: dates, cashews, almonds, teff grain, telba (flaxseed), toasted coconut, ginger, honey, Berberé (Ethiopian spice blend)

mocha: Coffee + chocolate. Hints of cinnamon + clove, traditionally brewed with Ethiopian coffee/tea. Did you know Ethiopia was the birthplace of modern coffee drinking?
 ingredients: cashews, almonds, dates, teff grain, telba (flaxseed), toasted coconut, cacao, espresso (boona), honey, cloves


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